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Analysis Package goldan2022

Analysis Package: Laufbahnintentionen, Tätigkeitsbereiche und Berufserfolg von Promovierten 


Goldan, Lea ORCID logo;
Jaksztat, Steffen;
Gross, Christiane ORCID logo
Julius-Maximilians-Universität of Würzburg; German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies
Sponsored by:
  • German Research Foundation
  • German Academic Scholarship Foundation
Data Curation:
Daniel, Andreas ORCID logo
1.0.0 (published at Jul 11, 2022)

Analysis Package Description

The publication uses the DZHW PhD Panel 2014 (4.0.0) to descriptively examine the sectors in which doctoral graduates are employed five years after their doctorate and whether these correspond to their original career intentions. In addition, objective and subjective indicators of professional success are described by employment sector. The analysis package includes the data and analysis scripts for preparation, multiple imputation, and analysis of the DZHW PhD panel that were used for the publication in the journal 'Beiträge zur Hochschulforschung'. The files should only be used to replicate the analyses.


Scripts related to this Analysis Package

Title Script Language Software Package Version of Software Package File
Aufbereitung_Jul2021 German Stata 15 *
Imputation_Jul2021 German Stata 15 *
Analysen_Jul2021 German Stata 15 *

* The script is not available via direct download, please order the analysis package via the shopping cart.

Analysis Data

Type of Data:
FDZ-DZHW Datapackage
FDZ-DZHW Datapackage:
Access way:
SUF: Remote-Desktop
Type of Data:
Custom Data Package
DZHW PhD Panel 2014 (Imputed Dataset)
Data Package Description:

Imputed data set of the DZHW PhD panel 2014 (version 4.0.0). The script and the original dataset for the imputation are also included in this analysis package. The dataset should only be used to replicate the analyses.

Data Sources:
Access Way:
Availability Type:

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Laufbahnintentionen, Tätigkeitsbereiche und Berufserfolg von Promovierten
Goldan, Lea; Jaksztat, Steffen; Gross, Christiane  (2022)
Goldan, L., Jaksztat, S. & Gross, C. (2022). Laufbahnintentionen, Tätigkeitsbereiche und Berufserfolg von Promovierten. Beiträge zur Hochschulforschung, 44(1).
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