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Data Package die2022

Bibliometric analyses of the significance of Hans Tietgens for adult education. 


German Institute for Adult Education
Sponsored by:
  • German Institute for Adult Education
Project Contributors:
Tunger, Dirk ORCID logo;
Bongartz, Elke C. ORCID logo;
Schrader, Josef ORCID logo;
FIS Bildung, DIPF
Survey Design:
Survey Data Type:
Quantitative Data
Data Curation:
Daniel, Andreas ORCID logo;
Buck, Daniel;
Kaluza, Harald ORCID logo
1.0.0 (published at Jan 12, 2023)

Data Package Description

The present data set contains the data basis and evaluation files of the bibliometric analysis on the reception of the publications of the adult educator Hans Tietgens. Included are bibliographic data by and about Hans Tietgens from the literature database of the German Institute for Adult Education and from the literature database FIS Bildung as well as bibliographic data extracted from Google Scholar.
These form the basis for the included analysis files for the determination of author networks, thematic analyses and citation analyses which were created using the tools Publish or Perish and VOSViewer.

Documents related to this Data Package

Data Package

Title Description Document Language DOI File
Daten- und Methodenbericht des Datenpakets "Bibliometrische Analysen zur Bedeutung von Hans Tietgens für die Erwachsenenbildung"  The report includes information on the data package.  German link die2022_Methodenbericht_Bibliometrische_Analysen_Hans_Tietgens.pdf
Bibliometrische Analysen zur Bedeutung von Hans Tietgens für die Erwachsenenbildung - Ergebnisbericht -  Report on the results of the bibliometric analyses on the significance of Hans Tietgens for adult education.  German link die2022_Ergebnisbericht__Bibliometrische_Analysen_Hans_Tietgens.pdf
Release Notes  The release notes contain information about the current version and changes compared to previous versions.  German link_off

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Quantitative Data, SQL query 
Population: Publications by Hans Tietgens 
Sampling Procedure: Total universe/Complete Enumeration 
Field Period: May 1, 2020 - Nov 30, 2020
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