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Data Package vorausquali


Study Series:
Leibniz Center for Science and Society
Sponsored by:
  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Project Contributors:
Philipps, Axel ORCID logo;
Barlösius, Eva ORCID logo;
Johannsen, Johanna ORCID logo
Survey Design:
Survey Data Type:
Qualitative Data
Data available in:
Data Curation:
İkiz-Akıncı, Dilek ORCID logo;
Schmidtchen, Henrike
1.0.0 (published at Mar 25, 2024)

This data package is the qualitative data set of the project ‘Further development of established quality assurance: What are the precausions and consensuses of a partially randomized selection of research projects in the scientific field?‘.
The data package for the quantitative survey data with professors and post-docs can be found under this Digital Object Identifier (DOI):

Additional Links:

Data Package Description

The project "VORAUS: Further developing established quality assurance formats: Which VORreservations and consensuses does a partially randomised SELECTION of research projects encounter in the scientific field?" was funded by the BMBF from April 2019 to March 2022.
The study investigated reservations and consensus in the scientific field regarding partial randomisation. On this basis, it was clarified what is currently considered appropriate in science. Prior to a quantitative survey on the topic, the data from which is also available as a data package (DOI:, problem-centred interviews were conducted with scientists from different status groups in the qualitative sub-study. In a narrative part of the interviews, the interviewees were asked about their path into research. Questions were asked about their experiences with research funding, their attitudes towards ensuring scientific quality in research funding and the randomised selection of research proposals. The present data package comprises a total of 18 transcripts of six interviews each with professors, post-docs and doctoral students.

Documents related to this Data Package

Data Package

Title Description Document Language DOI File
Daten- und Methodenbericht zum qualitativen Datenpaket des Projekts „VORAUS“  The report includes information on the project, the methodological approach and data preparation.  German link_off vorausquali_Data-Methods_Report_de.pdf
Qualitative Teilstudie des Projekts „VORAUS“  Data Package Overview  German link_off vorausquali_Overview_de.pdf
Qualitative sub-study of the "VORAUS" project  Data Package Overview  English link_off vorausquali_Overview_en.pdf
Release Notes  The release notes contain information about the current version and changes compared to previous versions.  English link_off

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