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Individual data DZHW Graduate Panel 2013 


Individual Data 
Data available in:

Available Subdatasets

Access Way Name Data Formats Variables Analyzable Variables Observations
CUF: Download (can be downloaded after registration without a data use agreement) gra2013_p_c_3-0-0  SPSS, Stata
1,288  5,651 
SUF: Download (can be downloaded after the conclusion of a data use agreement) gra2013_p_d_3-0-0  SPSS, Stata
1,442  8,477 
SUF: Remote-Desktop (can be used via remote desktop) gra2013_p_r_3-0-0  SPSS, Stata
1,542  8,477 
SUF: On-Site (onsite-suf (available at the workspace for visiting scientists at the DZHW in Hannover)) gra2013_p_o_3-0-0  SPSS, Stata
1,694  8,477 

Documents related to the Data Set

Title Description Document Language DOI File
Datensatzreport: Personendatensatz DZHW-Absolventenpanel 2013  Codebook/Variable Report/Dataset Report of "Individual data DZHW Graduate Panel 2013"  German  link_off dsreport-gra2013-ds1.pdf  

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