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Questionnaire of DZHW Graduate Panel 2009 - second wave, main survey (CAWI) 


Highly qualified and off to a good start? 

The questionnaire for the main survey of the second wave exists in a PAPI and a CAWI version. A variable questionnaire is available only for the PAPI version, but it can also be used for the CAWI version.

Documents related to the Instrument

Type Description Document Language DOI File
Questionnaire  applied survey instrument (second wave, main survey, CAWI)  German  link_off gra2009_W2_Main_CAWI_Questionnaire_de.pdf  
Question Flow  visualization of the survey procedures controlled by filter questions (second wave, main survey, CAWI)  German  link_off gra2009_W2_Main_CAWI_QuestionFlow_de.pdf  
Other  projekteigene Referenzliste für Länder (gemäß Destatis), aggr. Länder (gemäß NEPS) und Weltregionen  German  link_off cl-dzhw-24.xls  
Other  Destatis-Fächersystematik Wintersemester 2008/2009  German  link_off cl-destatis-studienfach-2009.pdf  
Other  Hochschulen nach Destatis-Schlüsselverzeichnis für die Studenten- und Prüfungsstatistik (WiSe 2014/2015 und SoSe 2015), Schl.2.2  German  link_off cl-destatis-hochschule-2015.xls  
Other  Destatis-Schlüsselverzeichnis für die "Klassifizierung der Berufe (KldB)" von 2010  German  link_off cl-destatis-kldb-2010.xls  
Other  Destatis-Bundeslandschlüssel, entsprechend der ersten beiden Ziffern des Amtlichen Gemeindeschlüssels (AGS)  German  link_off cl-destatis-bundesland-1990.xlsx  
Other  Destatis-Staats- und Gebietssystematik von 2015  German  link_off cl-destatis-ausland-2015.pdf  
Other  TERCET NUTS-postal codes matching tables 2010  German  link_off cl-eurostat-deplznuts-2010.xlsx  

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Quantitative Data, Standardised online survey or self-administered survey 
Population: Higher eduaction graduates, who completed their first professionally recognised degree in the winter semester of 2008-09 or in the summer semester of 2009 at a state approved institution of higher education in the Federal Republic of Germany (with the exc... 
Sampling Procedure: Mixed probability and non-probability Sample 
Field Period: Feb 16, 2015 - Oct 2, 2015
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