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DZHW Graduate Panel 2005
Survey Period:
Jan 1, 2006 - Jun 7, 2016
Survey Data Type:
Quantitative Data
Data available in:
German, English
Published at:
Jan 11, 2021
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Question 1.19: Questionnaire of the DZHW Graduate Panel 2005 (first wave) 


Question Number:
Question Text:
In retrospect, how do you perceive the value of your course of study? 
Question Type:
Item Set 
Study Progress and Study Experiences 

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Previous Questions in Questionnaire

Question 1.18: Questionnaire of the DZHW Graduate Panel 2005 (first wave) 
Question Type: Multiple Choice 
Which of the following opportunities for further training and qualification did you use during your course of studies? 

Subsequent Questions in Questionnaire

Question 1.20: Questionnaire of the DZHW Graduate Panel 2005 (first wave) 
Question Type: Single Choice 
Have you - apart from your first degree - begun or completed a further academic qualification? Do you intend to take a further academic qualification? (e.g. additional course of study, postgraduate studies, PhD, additional examination) 

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