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Question C46.1: Questionnaire of Nacaps 2018 - first wave 


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To what extent do you regard stays abroad as useful, taking the following aspects into consideration? 
Please also give your assessment if you have not yet been outside Germany during your PhD/doctorate or are not currently planning such a stay. 
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Item Set 

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Question C43.1: Questionnaire of Nacaps 2018 - first wave 
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Have you been abroad as part of your PhD/doctorate or another academic purpose since the beginning your PhD/doctorate? 
Question C45.1: Questionnaire of Nacaps 2018 - first wave 
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Question C47.1: Questionnaire of Nacaps 2018 - first wave 
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How hindering are the following aspects for you as regards undertaking a (further) stay abroad during your PhD/doctorate? 

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