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Question D14.1: Questionnaire of Nacaps 2018 - first wave 


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We would like to ask questions on health and possible impairments. This information provides important indicators on the distribution of health restrictions amongst doctoral candidates. The data also provide indications as to how conditions can be improved for doctoral candidates with health issues. 
If you are willing to answer the following questions on the topics of health and impairment, you are of course still free not to answer single questions. 
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Single Choice 

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Previous Questions in Questionnaire

Question D13.1: Questionnaire of Nacaps 2018 - first wave 
Question Type: Single Choice 
How would you describe your general state of health? 

Subsequent Questions in Questionnaire

Question D15.1: Questionnaire of Nacaps 2018 - first wave 
Question Type: Open 
Please think about your physical health – this includes physical illnesses and injuries. On how many days during the last four weeks did you not feel physically well? 
Question D24.1: Questionnaire of Nacaps 2018 - first wave 
Question Type: Item Set 
To what extent do the following characteristics apply to you? 

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Quantitative Data, Standardised online survey 
Population: Persons who were registered for a doctorate at a German university on the cut-off date 1 December 2018 
Sampling Procedure: Total universe/Complete Enumeration 
Field Period: Feb 18, 2019 - May 1, 2019
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