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Question cancel1.1: Questionnaire of Nacaps 2018 - first wave 


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Dear participant, please note that you can only participate in the Nacaps survey if you consent to our data protection conditions. If you are interested in taking part in the study click below on the "Previous" button and then accept the data protection conditions. Otherwise, you can leave us comments and your opinion about the study below. 
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Question index.1: Questionnaire of Nacaps 2018 - first wave 
Question Type: Single Choice 
Welcome to the doctoral candidates and doctorate holders survey "Nacaps"! For a German version of the survey please click on the flag in the header! Depending on your personal life situation, the survey will take about 25 to 35 minutes. You can also complete the survey on your smartphone, but answering on a larger screen is easier and faster. You can interrupt the survey at any time and continue at a later moment. Once you have answered all the questions, you will then have the opportunity to participate in the announced raffle. We already thank you for partcipating in the survey at this point! Dr. Kolja Briedis, Dr. Bernd Martens and Dr. Antje Wegner Project management Nacaps Your participation is voluntary, of course. Your information will be used for research and evaluation purposes.All Nacaps data will be published and made available to other scientists anonymously only. Your contact details will always be processed and stored separately from the survey data. Under no circumstances will your contact information be shared with third parties.,Yes, I have read the data privacy statement (see link above) and I agree with it.,ContactIf you have questions about data privacy, please contact the data protection officer of the DZHW, Mr Martin Fuchs: Tel.: +49 511 450 670 491; information about data protection at the DZHW can be found. For all other questions and comments we are at your disposal: You can call the staff members Madeleine Siegel via telephone under +49 30 206 417 746 and Susanne Redeke under +49 511 450 670 106. Both can also be contacted via email at,Please note that if you do not consent to the data protection conditions it will not be possible for you to take part in the Nacaps survey, unfortunately. 

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Nacaps 2018 - first wave (doctoral candidates) 
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