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Case Study 2: Focus Group Discussions 


Serial Number:

Staff from heterogenous university-company research clusters from different research areas (engineering or social technology) of various compositions and sizes (small, medium, or large-scale companies) in different positions (spokesperson, coordinator, principal investigators).

Survey Unit:
Scientific Staff 
Survey Data Type:
Qualitative Data 
Sampling Procedure:
Non-probability Sample: Purposive Sample 
Survey Method:
Focus Group Discussions 
Field Period:
Mar 23, 2021 - Apr 1, 2021
Net Sample Size:
n = 3

In addition to scientific staff, members of companies were also interviewed. The research field as well as the composition of involved institutions were decisive for the selection of the research clusters. The research clusters should cover different combinations of characteristics of these two variables. Apart from that, different sizes or degrees of network complexity were considered in choosing the research clusters. The focus group discussion participants were selected from the pool of already interviewed individuals as part of the expert interviews in case study 2. The selected individuals were grouped according to their area of activity (spokesperson, coordinator, principal investigator) and discussed the perspective of their common area of activity as a group.
Transcript 1 consists of four spokespersons from four different research clusters.
Transcript 2 consists of three principal investigators from three different research clusters.
Transcript 3 consists of three different coordinators from three different research clusters.

Geographic Coverage:

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Focus Group Discussions 
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