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The EUROSTUDENT target group includes all students who are at the time of observation (semester/term) enrolled in any national study programme regarded as higher education (not tertiary!) in a country. Usually, that corresponds to ISCED (2011) levels 5, 6 and 7 (e.g. short-cycle programmes, Bachelor/Master programmes, traditional diploma programmes, Lizentiat, national degrees in medicine etc.) which – in the national context – would normally be considered higher education.

Deviation by Country
Students of short-cycle programmes, BA, MA and integrated BA+MA are included in the sample in proportion in which they are represented in the population. ‘Other’ postgraduate degrees do not exist.

Survey Unit:
Survey Data Type:
Quantitative Data 
Sampling Procedure:
Total universe/Complete Enumeration 
Survey Method:
Standardised online survey 
Field Period:
Jun 1, 2019 - Sep 30, 2019
Net Sample Size:
n = 1,840
Response Rate:
Geographic Coverage:

Documents related to the Survey

Title Description Document Language File
Deviation Sheet Croatia  The table describes the deviations of the Croatian questionnaire compared to the core questionnaire (bilingual). The variable names are included.  English  HR_Deviation_Sheet.xlsx  

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