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DZHW Panel Study of School Leavers 2018 - first wave 


Serial Number:

Pupils at schools of general education and vocational schools in Germany, who are aiming for the general or subject-related higher education entrance qualification or the full, subject-related or state-specific university of applied sciences entrance qualification in the 2017/2018 school year

Survey Unit:
Authorized Student 
Survey Data Type:
Quantitative Data 
Sampling Procedure:
Probability Sample: Stratified Cluster Sample 
Survey Method:
Standardised self-administered survey 
Field Period:
Dec 1, 2017 - Oct 31, 2018
Gross Sample Size:
n = 82,413
Net Sample Size:
n = 39,714
Response Rate:

Sampling Procedure in Hamburg: Total universe/Complete Enumeration

The given field time is only an approximate indication, since a field time accurate to the day cannot be reconstructed.

Geographic Coverage:

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General self-efficacy short scale (ASKU) 
Beierlein, Constanze; Kovaleva, Anastassiya; Kemper, Christoph J.; Rammstedt, Beatrice
The ASKU is an economic instrument for recording individual competence expectations to be able to deal with difficulties and obstacles in daily life. The reported evidence on the quality of the ASKU suggests that the scale allows a reliable, valid and econ... 
Attitude to education 
Stocké, Volker
This scale serves to capture the generalized attitude to education which, like the construct of idealistic educational aspiration, refers to the strength of a positive attitude to education and to the extent to which higher educational attainment is seen a... 
Short scale for recording general life satisfaction (L-1) 
Beierlein, Constanze; Kovaleva, Anastassyia; László, Zsuzsa; Kemper, Christoph; Rammstedt, Beatrice
The short scale L-1 for recording general life satisfaction consists of the item formulation established in SOEP (Richter, Metzing, Weinhardt & Schupp, 2013). The scale contains only one item with the following wording: "How satisfied are you at presen... 
Short scale readiness to take risks (R-1) 
Beierlein, Constanze; Kovaleva, Anastassiya; Kemper, Christoph J.; Rammstedt, Beatrice
The willingness to take risks describes the inclination of a person to take risks or to avoid them. The short scale Risikobereitschaft-1 (R-1) (readiness to take risks) was developed to enable an economic measurement of the psychological characteristic rea... 
Big Five Inventory-SOEP (BFI-S) 
Schupp, Jürgen; Gerlitz, Jean-Yves
The short scale measures the Big Five neuroticism, extraversion, openness, conscientiousness and compatibility with a total of 15 items. The instrument was developed and used within the framework of SOEP and is based on the Big Five Inventory by John et al... 
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