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Konstanzer Studierendensurvey 1985
Survey Period:
Jan 1, 1984 - Dec 31, 1985
Survey Data Type:
Quantitative Data
Data available in:
Published at:
Apr 1, 2022
1.0.0 (current)
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Data Package stsu85


Study Series:
Research Group on Higher Education at University of Konstanz
Sponsored by:
Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Project Contributors:
Peisert, Hansgert;
Bargel, Tino;
Framhein, Gerhild;
Gleich, Michael;
Lenske, Werner;
Behringer, Friederike;
Gawatz, Reinhard;
Lensing, Gerhard;
Lang, Doris
Survey Design:
Survey Data Type:
Quantitative Data
Data available in:
Data Curation:
Daniel, Andreas ORCID logo
1.0.0 (published at Apr 1, 2022)
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Data Package Description

The second survey of the Student Survey covers the topics of access to higher education and prerequisites for study, specialized studies and study behavior, student lifestyles and social situation, orientations toward science and university, orientations toward career and social future, and orientations toward society and politics. The data are based on random samples at eight universities and seven universities of applied sciences in West Germany and comprise 602 items (plus additionally created variables).

Documents related to this Data Package

Data Package

Title Description Document Language DOI File
Daten- und Methodenbericht des Datenpakets "Konstanzer Studierendensurvey 1985"  The report includes data usage notes and further information on the data package.  German link_off stsu85_Methodenbericht.pdf
Hinweise für Datennutzende / Notes for data users  Notes for data users (be sure to read!)  English link_off stsu85_Notes_for_Data_Users.pdf
Release Notes  The release notes contain information about the current version and changes compared to previous versions.  German link_off


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