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Research Workshop (winter semester 2016/2017) 


Serial Number:

Students in the teaching degree course 'Protestant Theology' in middle and higher semesters at the University of Kassel who have already attended lectures in the course profile 'Theological Conversations' and took part in the Kassel research workshop for 'Theological Conversations'.

Survey Unit:
Survey Data Type:
Qualitative Data 
Sampling Procedure:
Non-probability Sample: Purposive Sample 
Survey Method:
Lesson videography plus questionnaire for students 
Field Period:
Oct 17, 2016 - Feb 10, 2017
Net Sample Size:
n = 4

In the winter semester 2016/2017, videographed theological conversations were collected in the context of the research workshop held by Prof. Dr. Petra Freudenberger-Lötz: in an 8th grade, in which students had lead Theological Conversations since the class entered the 5th grade. The 8th grade pupils came together in four themed small groups in which they wanted to work on the following self-chosen complexes of questions with the help of student tandems: 'Faith and science', 'What comes after death?', 'Miracles' and 'Fate'. The students of the research workshop then assigned themselves in pairs to one of these groups based on their interests.
This survey consists of transcripts of lesson recordings from four student tandems. Two to eight teaching sequences are provided per student tandem.

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